Principle for Attaining Happiness

Principle for Attaining Happiness

Principle for Attaining Happiness

When I looked back my life until today based on the teaching, “We are only empty human beings if we are not aware of the actual existence of spirit,” I felt it was exactly right. I came to understand that people can attain happiness only if we live our lives based on the Law of Spiritual Precedes Physical, the Law of Inseparableness of Spirit and Body, and the Law of Purification Process.

These are the words of a housewife who used to think that happiness is to have an abundance of things and be able to live a materially comfortable life.
Being busy paying off the house loan and hands full with raising kids, while she was running helter-skelter facing the gap between her ideal and reality, she suffered from chronic fatigue, headache and swelling of the body….As these symptoms were relieved with the urinary system becoming more active by receiving Okada Purifying Therapy continuously, and as she started to study the teachings of Meishu-sama who had found such power, she stated, “I wasn’t able to restrain my deep emotional joy and excitement.”

Principle for Attaining Happiness

There probably was the answer to the questions which was making her feel uneasy deep down.

Contemporary medicine had undoubtedly deepened our understanding about human body, disease-causing bacteria, nutrition and so forth. Its effects on infectious disease, acute disease, and progressive disease are remarkable as well.

However, there are no effective measures for chronic diseases and mental diseases coming from the person’s way of thinking, way of living and stress, and such health issues are not solved. Much more, the reality is that the answer to the questions like why we become ill and what is human being have not been answered yet.

Principle for Attaining Happiness

However, if we can find the true cause of illness and its coping technique, how much we would become free from anxiety and have hope in our daily lives.

The founder, Meishu-sama, states the following.

“The spiritual world is infinitely more rarified than air and it is a transparent body. Therefore, it is all natural that it has been considered nonexistent until today. However, not only it exists, it is the source of all things in Nature. It holds absolute and unlimited power and everything comes into existence and grows due to this power.”

“Human beings are comprised of both spirit and body. The spirit is primary and the body is secondary. This is a universal law. Then, what we call illness is this process: First, toxins retained in the physical body are reflected to the spiritual body and become clouds; then, the natural purification process occurs on such clouds, and the spiritual clouds will start being dissipated; then, it once again reflects back to the physical body, and the toxins start being liquefied and eliminated. What is called illness is the suffering accompanied in this process. The former process is the horizontal process based on the inseparableness of spirit and body; and the latter process is the vertical process based on the spirit preceding the body. It is very important to know this principle.”

“Happiness and good fortune or unhappiness and misfortune of human beings depend on the amount of clouding of the spirit. A person automatically enters the circle of happiness and good fortune by simply understanding this fundamental truth. This is an eternal and resolute principle of the spiritual world that leaves you no choice but to believe in it.”

There are many things in this world that cannot be explained by modern science. The foremost is the existence of a spiritual world and its power and functions, which clearly exists even though invisible. Isn’t it too hasty to say that “there is no such thing” only because it cannot be proven by the present-day science?