Guidance on Services

Ancestral enshrinement, annual services, ancestral gratitude prayer services, etc.

Here, we introduce various services being held at the Shibikyu (ancestral shrine). For inquiries, please use the “Inquiry Form” below. The person in charge will contact you shortly.

Enshrinement of Newly Deceased Spirits —“Service to Enshrine New Spirits,” “Every 10th Day Service”, “50th Day Joining Service”

Enshrinement of Newly Deceased Spirits

“Service to Enshrine New Spirits” is the enshrinement of a newly deceased spirits to Shibikyu. The new spirits up to 50 days after they return to the spiritual world are called “Aramitama (New Spirit).” The service will be held at Shibikyu as soon as the application procedure is completed, and then the every 10th day service and the 50th Day Joining Service when they join other ancestors will be held for the spirit.

“Every 10th Day Service” is a service held every tenth day from the day of passing. In principle, the day of the passing is counted as the first day, and the tenth day from that day is the 10th Day Service, the 20th day is the 20th Day Service, and the final day is the 50th Day Service. At the Shibikyu, we hold these Every10th Day Service on the 5th, 15th and 25th of each month.

The “50th Day Joining Service” is a service for a new spirit that has finished the 50th Day Service to be transfered and join the spirits of the ancestors of each family enshrined in the Shibikyu’s central seat. This service is followed after the 50th Day Service.

Annual Services, Ancestral Gratitude Prayer Service

Annual Services, Ancestral Gratitude Prayer Service

These services are conducted not only for the purpose of holding memorial services, but they are conducted to express our gratitude to the spirit, praying for their elevation in the spiritual world, and their further work in the spiritual world. Based on the requests from their relatives and others, the services are held on the Gomenkai Service days, 1st, 11th, and 21st of the month for the spirits who are enshrined at the Shibikyu. Annual Services are held every year for three years from the First Year Service until the Third Year Service. After that, the 5th Year Service, the 10th Year Service, the 15th Year Service, the 20th Year Service, the 30th Year Service, the 40th Year Service, and the 50th Year Service will be held.

On the day of Gomenkai (Meeting with Meishu-sama), the 1st to 3rd Year Services and the 5th Year Service and above are held together 30 minutes after the end of Gomenkai. These two services are held separately on the days other than the day of Gomenkai.

Unlike the Annual Services, you can apply for the Ancestral Gratitude Prayer Service at any time regardless of the anniversary of their passing, and you can also apply for the family ancestors as a whole.

Special Ancestral Gratitude Prayer Service (For a special spirit or unborn babies)

Special Ancestral Gratitude Prayer Service (For a special spirit or unborn babies)

The purpose and the day of the service are same as the Ancestral Gratitude Prayer Service, but this special service is created for one-time prayer service instead of registering the spirit at the Shibikyu for continued services. You can apply the spirits (who have passed 50 days after their passing) whether they are family as a whole or individual spirits or the spirits of unborn babies. These spirits are invited to the Shibikyu for a month to receive prayers.

* If you wish to have continuous services for the spirit, you need to register the spirit at the Shibikyu.

Eternal Enshrinement

Eternal Enshrinement

Eternal Enshrinement is created for those who are worried about the future ancestral services, or those who have no successors after his/her own passing.

In case of Eternal Enshrinement, Toho-no-Hikari will take responsibility in holding necessary services including the prayer for the spirit to be able to participate in the construction of paradise on earth.

If you register your ancestors as “household” (ancestors of the XX family), the spirits will be enshrined in the seat named, “The Ancestors of Each Family and Relatives ” of Shibikyu, and every August, Ancestral Gratitude Prayer Service is being conducted.

If you register your ancestor as an individual “pillar” (the spirit of one of the XX family members), if the registration is made right after the passing of such person, the Services for Newly Deceased Spirits will start at Shibikyu, and after the 50th Day Joining Service, the spirit will be registered at Shibikyu and a daily cordial service will be conducted. On the anniversary month of the death, Annual Service of the designated year will be conducted up to the 50th Year Service. For other years that does not correspond to the designated annual service and in the years after 50th anniversary, Ancestral Gratitude Prayer Services will be conducted.

For the spirits who have passed 50 days after their passing, a daily service, Annual Services and Ancestral Gratitude Prayer Service are conducted after the 50th Day Joining Service.

Information on Major Books

The following are the printed materials of Toho-no-Hikari. For those who are interested, please use the “Inquiry Form” below. The person in charge will contact you shortly.

Goshinsho (Teachings)

Goshinsho (Teachings)

From the enormous teachings of the founder, the representative ones are collected in 7 volumes and published.
Published by: MOA Shoji Co., Ltd.
Edited by: Toho-no-Hikari (Religious Corporation)
Volume 1 “Religion (Volume 1)”
Volume 2 “Religion (Volume 2)”
Volume 3 “Jôrei (Volume 1)”
Volume 4 “Jôrei (Volume 2)”
Volume 5 “Society, Nature Farming”
Volume 6 “Art”
Volume 7 “Additional Volume” * Additional compilation of teachings that are considered to be particularly important through the activities of Toho-no-Hikari in seeking Meishu-sama’s teachings and legacies.
(English versions are not completed yet. We will announce when the English versions are completed.)

Keigyo (Reminiscences of Meishu-sama)

Keigyo (Reminiscences of Meishu-sama)

This book compiles various episodes that represent who Meishu-sama is in light of his personality and daily lives.
Edited by: Sekai Kyusei Kyo (Religious corporation) – Founder’s Biography Compilation Committee
Published by: Toho-no-Hikari (Religious corporation)


Bulletin ” Toho-no-Hikari “

Published by: Toho-no-Hikari (Religious corporation)
Edited by: Toho-no-Hikari (Religious corporation)
Newspaper for the members, which introduce the state of the monthly services in Hakone, the testimonials of the members, and the contents of various other events.