Meaning of suffering

Meaning of suffering

Meaning of suffering

“Unlike before when I had been going after only visible things, I feel that I am more satisfied because I can have more kind feelings towards people now. If I did not experience this purification, and did not know the meaning and the purpose of my life, I think I would never have been able to become happy. In that sense, I am grateful to everything in the past.”

These are the words of a young lady who had been suffering from harsh itchiness and pain resulting from atopic dermatitis spread in the upper half of the body, but had regained mental and physical health by following Meishu-sama’s teachings and by incorporating the three major enterprises of Jôrei, arts and healthy eating habits to her life.

Meaning of suffering

Since she once had almost lost her desire to live, the joy must have been very big.

At scenes of emergence of unprecedented health issues, sufferings and anxieties in relationship with other people, and economic hardships, it cannot be helped for people to be tormented by anxiety, fear and stress.

When such circumstance continues, and if one cannot find a solution and cease to have hope, one may surrender to negative feelings such as, I am a failure; it doesn’t have to be me—there are replacements; there is no meaning for my life.

Meaning of suffering

However, no individual is a lesser being that could be replaced by someone else. Each person is an irreplaceable precious existence being born to this world with certain meaning.

Even if one is facing deep anxiety and suffering which prevents one to have hope for the future, isn’t there some kind of meaning behind such situation which will help one to live a happier life with positive attitude by overcoming it?

Meishu-sama states the following.

“As we always say, illness is a purification process of human body. When toxins accumulate in human body to a certain degree, its elimination process begins because such toxin accumulation interfere with one’s good health. In other words, it is body’s natural cleansing process. It occurs because man’s health cannot be maintained without this process and it is a basic principle of the universe. It is a great blessing of God.”

“In other words, all suffering is a purification process. When I say “purification process,” it may seem to be illness alone. This is not the case at all. The source of all afflictions and sufferings is a purification process without exception. Suffering losses due to being deceived by others; destruction by fire; injury and theft; misfortunes of family members; losses and failures related to business; money troubles; quarrels between husbands and wives; discord between parents and children and between siblings; and conflict between relatives, friends, and acquaintances. These are all one’s purification processes. As such, normally, when you talk about “purification process,” there is no other way to remove one’s spiritual clouds than going through suffering. Therefore, since you cannot avoid suffering as long as you have spiritual clouds, decreasing spiritual clouds is the absolute prerequisite for improving one’s condition of life. In other words, when your soul is purified to a certain degree, there is no longer any need for purification: therefore, unhappiness and misfortune will change to happiness and good fortune.”

“Even though difficult or painful purification sometimes occurs, if you have faith, God will grant miracles so that you can endure such situation or grant you good events to give you hope. Therefore, as long as your faith does not waver, you will surely improve step-by-step without too much sufferings. After all, you should realize that the suffering you are experiencing is for your own improvement.”

Frequently occurring natural disasters, fear of viral infectious diseases and the expanding income disparity and the resulting impasse of economy, and the illnesses, economic challenges, troubles within families and human relationship that casts shadow on our lives.

Unexpected events often occur in one’s life. At such time, we want you to pause a little and remember Meishu-sama’s teachings introduced here. It is probably a time you are receiving an important message in your life and a chance to advance towards an even better life.