Letter of Intent Toward the Construction of Kômyô Kaikan [Bright Light Hall]


  Meishu-sama designated Gôra, Hakone, Japan as the divine chosen land necessary for the Divine Plan. He then constructed a prototype of Paradise on Earth and named it Shinsenkyô [land of gods and angels]. He then shared his plan to establish Honzan [Head Temple] in the Kômyô Dai [Bright Light Ground] in the spiritual center of the world.
  As we entered the new REIWA era this year under the new emperor of Japan, TOHO NO HIKARI worked with a renewed spirit to unite with the heart of Meishu-sama, His Organization and Membership to respond to the Major Purification we are facing from the view of the Divine Plan. His organization and members are giving everything we can to raise our spirituality. From those actions, we are becoming aware of the developments of Meishu-sama’s Divine Plan. On this milestone day of the Advent Service, we have decided to take a major step to unite with Meishu-sama’s Heart on the Construction Projects of Hakone.
  In a concrete sense, we will begin restoring Shinsenkyô to the way Meishu-sama had originally constructed, constructing the Ancestral Hall, and renovating the current Kari Kômyô Kaikan [Provisional Bright Light Hall] that leads to the eventual Kômyô Kaikan [Bright Light Hall] that Meishu-sama had envisioned.
  Meishu-sama clearly left his vision on the Kômyô Kaikan, including the shape and size; however, due to restrictions of the National Park Zoning for Gôra, we still require more time to manifest what Meishu-sama envisioned. Yet, when seeking the teaching that “when the Honzan [Head Temple] is constructed, we will become international,” in the midst of the great era of purification, more so, we need to be imbued in our soul with the worldwide significance of construction of the Kômyô Kaikan that affects the lives of humanity and do our very best in advancing the construction. As a first step, we are determined to upgrade the meeting with Meishu-sama befitting such developments and raise our spiritual and physical body to a higher status, thus, we will be worthy of receiving Meishu-sama’s light, and we will begin renovation of the Kari Kômyô Kaikan.
  From the first step, if and when we reach the path of constructing the Kômyô Kaikan in accord with Meishu-sama’s concept, we shall construct it not just by TOHO NO HIKARI; but we will construct it as Sekai Kyûsei Kyô with the Izunome Church, as well as people both inside and outside of Japan who praise Meishu-sama as the Messiah.
  As for the Shinsenkyô [land of gods and angels] grounds, it is expected to be designated as a National Historical Site and Place of Scenic Beauty by the Japanese government. Our construction is to restore the original design at the time Meishu-sama directed the construction. We will advance the construction by seeking the heart of Meishu-sama in the prototype of Paradise on Earth.
  Meishu-sama composed a poem “anyone and everyone who visits the Shinsenkyô grounds have nothing but praises.” The construction, we believe, is a construction of a world treasure that offers eternal enjoyment of beauty and true strength of life to all the visitors. Based on the Divine Plan of Models and Order, we believe with confidence that the construction of Shinsenkyô, spiritual prototype, shall reflect the physical prototypes of both Atami’s Zuiunkyô [land of auspicious clouds] and Kyoto’s Heiankyô [land of peace and tranquility] and expand to the world.
  As for the construction of the (new) Ancestral Hall, we have finally decided to build a new, larger Hall as the present Ancestral Hall is deteriorating. Meishu-sama is the deity that presides over the Uppermost Heaven and the Savior of the three worlds of divine, ancestral and physical. The registered spirits under Meishu-sama is busily working on the construction of Paradise on Earth. We want to construct the Ancestral Hall as a model in the physical world befitting the actuality of the spiritual world.
  We hope to construct the Ancestral Hall to unite with Meishu-sama’s plan while going beyond the differences of the spiritual and physical worlds, a worthy location to offer our gratitude and prayers for the ancestral spirits.
  We have always believed that the deceased victims of wars and natural disasters have special missions in the Divine Plan and have been offering gratitude and prayers to the spirits. While facing even further critical conditions worldwide, we think of the significance of offering prayers to the spirits, and we shall advance the construction of the Ancestral Hall befitting the Divine Plan and open to not just the Japanese but to international needs.
  This (new) Ancestral Hall construction is to respond to the desire of anyone who wish to raise their spiritual strata under Meishu-sama and serve in the Divine Plan of Salvation and Construction whether they have faith or not and going beyond the differences in religion. While obtaining support from the spirits, including that of our ancestral spirits, we desire to construct a Hall befitting Meishu-sama who is advancing the Unified Divine Plan of the three worlds of divine, ancestral and physical.
Once again, with gratitude for this great opportunity of construction, TOHO NO HIKARI will continue to seek the teachings to seek the heart of Meishu-sama in the System of Salvation and Construction, and we shall offer our sincere service in expanding the locations of practice.
  The System of Salvation and Construction is based on the concepts of Meishu-sama in establishing the Church and be able to serve in his High-level Cultural Enterprises. The basis is our practice of Purifying Therapy as Konpon Keirin [fundamental plan to advance the great plan of God]. In the midst of today’s chaotic society, Meishu-sama’s heart is to increase the number of therapists. In the teaching entitled, “What I Am,” Meishu-sama taught how important it is to signify the happiness of others in our daily life. We are deter-mined to make this the central of our system.
  Central to our system of Salvation and Construction is the Wellness Centers [Ryôin] and Healthy Life Network [Bunin] system. Improving our Wellness Centers and Healthy Life Networks is our means toward a Healthy Mind and Body Community Enrichment and a World Free of Illnesses. Like Konpon Keirin, it is an important key towards Salvation and Construction.
December 23, 2019