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At the 2019 Advent Service at the Honzan, TOHO NO HIKARI decided to take a major step to unite with Meishu-sama’s Heart by launching the Hakone Construction Project.
In a concrete sense, we will begin restoring Shinsenkyo to the way Meishu-sama had originally constructed it, constructing a new Ancestral Chapel, and renovating the current Kari-Komyo Kaikan [Provisional Bright Light Hall] that leads to the eventual Komyo Kaikan [Bright Light Hall] that Meishu-sama had envisioned.
In the midst of the current health issues taking place worldwide, we believe that the Hakone Construction Project will positively reflect on the development of the happiness of you and your family, which will also lead to the Creation of New Civilization.
To have as many people as possible participate in the Hakone Construction Project, we have now enabled anyone to donate using their credit card at this website.
For more information, please click on the “Procedures” link above and follow the instructions. Thank you very much!

December 22, 2019

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